Meet Veronique

As a colour specialist and hairstylist, I enjoy the endless
possibilities in the world of colour creation. Bringing texture,
life and identity to your hair style with brilliant, natural or
provocative, but astounding colours, you want!
Haircolour delivers both physical and mental transformation
that impacts self-image as well as the first-impression
judgment of others. It is my passion to help you unleash the
one in you who desires to show up more. Your hair is the
medium to represent you and your uniqueness.
My hair philosophy combines the following elements:
Communication is key it will establish team work, affinity
and trust.
By the end of our consultation you will be clear about the
final result upkeep and cost.
Blending current trends with my on going international
training and flare and most important, your personal style.
Your hair is the perfect medium to show the world your
radiance and your uniqueness, I will guide you step by
step on how to recreate your style.

I have a passion for hair! Both my
grandparents were salon owners. As a
little girl, nothing could be more exciting
than helping around the shop, fascinated
by all the different tasks, clients and
hairdos. Accompanying my mom to her
hair appointment was like going to
In no time, the hairstylist had no choice
but to make me her assistant or she
would have a very frustrated little girl in
her shop. Early on, I was aware of not
only the creative side of the profession
but also the very intimate relationship
between my mom and her hairdresser.
In fact, I could not understand the change
in my momʼs behaviour. As soon as she
sat is that chair, magic happened and my
mom relaxed, becoming more of a
woman and shared with her stylist a part
of herself I did not know about.
Over 35 years later, I am still in the
business and love it. I have trained
extensively, working in Geneva, Bern and
Paris and now serve my clients in
Vancouver. Taking on-going technical and
creative workshops around the world
keeps me up to date and fresh,
cultivating my own personal technique
and style.



To contact Veronique please visit her website or text her directly for a consultation.