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Meet Sarah 



Sarah’s chair is a welcoming and comfortable space for all of her clients. Her calm demeanor, positive outlook and confidence are sure to put you at ease. 

She has been perfecting her craft for almost a decade, so whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or regular maintenance, she’s your girl. Sarah loves working with all hair types but blondes are her specialty; everything from balayage to highlights. 

Sarah aspires to make the world a little bit brighter one head of hair at a time and she is committed to learning new techniques and keeping up with current trends.

She has built the majority of her clientele through word-of-mouth —aka LOTS of happy clients that can’t contain their excitement about how much they love their hair. In making the world blonder, she is also very focused on the health of her clients’ hair, which always has them coming back for more!

Bookings are FULL until Sarah goes on maternity leave in April 
She won’t be taking any more appointments till next year. Thank you for your understanding and support during this special time in our lives!
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Get in Touch with Sarah

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She won’t be taking any more appointments till next year


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 

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